The First Glimpse

Land appeared as the plane slipped beneath the clouds for the final portion of our descent, and the excitement in the cabin exponentially increased. Taiwan floated by below us, and all eyes eagerly peered out the oval windows of the aircraft as we awaited our first glimpse of our summer home.

​Slowly, mountains arose from the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, and the right wing of the airplane dipped as we curved around towards our destination. As we swung around the towering mountains, the country of Hong Kong unveiled itself before our slightly sleepy but wide-awake eyes. Skyscrapers and residential flats nestled amongst the tropical terrain commanded our view. We couldn’t tear our eyes away. As we drew closer to the runway, massive bridges and cargo ships criss-crossed the gorgeous blue water lapping the shore beneath us. Our plane touched down on the tarmac as we continued to gaze out the tiny windows. At last, we finished barreling down the runway and hurriedly disembarked the plane. We (finally!) arrived.
I’ll never forget landing in Hong Kong. It was if the country had been designed to unwrap itself before our eyes like a priceless gift or treasure. After 15 hours in the air, our destination was a welcome sight for our weary eyes, and I couldn’t stop gazing at the foreign land around me.

I’ve never been more certain of something in my life. Living in Hong Kong is exactly where I am supposed to be this summer; it’s been confirmed time and time again. The joy of obedience outweighs every risk and obstacle; coming here was worth every sacrifice. Thank you for your continued support, and I would love for you to continue to lift up the relationships my team will be forming in Hong Kong with our students and each other to the Father.





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