Oodles of Noodles

I’ll never take an English restaurant menu for granted again. Ever.

My first two weeks in Asia have equipped me with stellar chopstick skills (that’s a slight exaggeration- it’s more like manageable chopstick skills that result in the occasional dropped wonton and persnickety noodle chases around my bowl), and I have developed a love (or maybe just an amused fascination) with pointing at random Chinese characters and ordering whatever they think I’ll like. When I’m with my team, we’ll either look at the pictures or occasionally speak to an employee that knows a little English. We use a lot of hand motions and just hope for the best.

Life is an adventure here in Hong Kong- I’ve eaten chicken feet, eggplant, steamed buns, ice cream French toast, wontons, and so many bowls of noodles and rice that I’ve quit counting. We’ve been to pizza places and little Mexican restaurants, and we often frequent a tiny shop that sells the most delicious milk tea in town. One day I ended up in the back room of a hole-in-the-wall establishment eating bowls of wontons and shrimp with a group of students. That particular meal is currently one of my top favorites so far, even though I was pretty nervous when the owner directed us up a back stairwell that went through the kitchen into a second-level room with no windows. As I look ahead to the next few weeks in HK, one thing I can say with certainty is that the food we eat will continue to be a daily adventure, and I am immensely grateful that the Father has blessed me with a flexible stomach! 🙂

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