Take Courage & Look Up

One. More. Week.

I think I blinked, because somehow my team and I are hurtling down the final stretch of English Camp and our time in Hong Kong. Somehow I’ve been in this city for three weeks, and life here has settled into a rhythmic cadence that feels normal. Hopping on and off the MTR feels like putting on a perfectly worn-in pair of blue jeans, yet I was terrified of getting lost on the public transportation here just a mere three weeks ago. Receiving an English menu now feels abnormal, and I’m sure I’ll feel just like Ariel when I first pick up a fork after arriving back in the States. Somewhere along this journey I grew accustomed to Cantonese signs and millions of strangers maneuvering around me. One day I woke up and didn’t think twice about sharing a room with six other girls and riding for an hour and a half to school each morning. I blinked, and now here I am with only one more week of life in Hong Kong.

Teaching has gotten easier and settled into a comfortable routine, but I find myself taking the necessary time to prepare my heart and mind during the final ten minute walk to school everyday. I’ve slowly realized that this adventure here isn’t about my students loving me (because not all of them do, and I’ve learned that that’s okay), for my only objective is to live in such a way that shows that my Father loves my students. Because of this, I have to intentionally take courage and fortify my resolve to extend grace everyday. I’ve learned that although giving grace is Worth It, giving grace isn’t always easy. However, the courage given to me by my Father strengthens my ability to extend that grace to the people around me.

That’s why I choose to Look Up.



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