Key Chains & Key Moments

A student approached my desk this morning and placed a key chain in my palm. With a small grin, the student told me that his group had gotten me that key chain while on our field trip yesterday.

As soon as I could, I opened the clear wrapper and attached my new key chain to my backpack. Eagerly, I asked if it looked okay dangling from my bag’s zipper. He said yes; I was (and still am!) secretly stoked.

Every time I glanced at my new keychain throughout the day, I remembered that key moment at 9:00 am this morning. Despite the Enemy’s attempts at convincing me that I’m doing everything wrong and nothing right, the Father keeps placing key moments in my path to remind me that life here isn’t about what I do, for my summer here is all about everything He does.

What means the absolute world to me is that my students thought of me while they were hanging out during the field trip yesterday. What absolutely blows my mind is that my Father also thinks of me and gifts me key moments to treasure in my heart forever.




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