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I have officially completed my three weeks of teaching in Hong Kong! I love this place, and I love my students.

However, these past three weeks were far from easy. I can honestly say that this experience was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I’ve dealt with just about every emotion known to man over these past three weeks. Anger, sadness, hurt, embarrassment, joy, fear, love, and many more feelings have passed through my heart and through the hearts of my students. Living in HK has definitely not been easy, but I will always believe that living here was Worth It.

I’ve continually struggled with wondering if I “did enough” and if my impact was “big enough.” I’ve stood upon the mountaintops of success and crawled through the valleys of failure and complete defeat. My team has had ice cream parties on the days when everything went right, and we’ve had ice cream parties on the days when most of us wanted to cry into our cones. I’ve witnessed firsthand how the Father is powerfully moving in HK, but I’ve also personally fought against the vise-like grip that the Enemy has on the hearts of these people and my kids.

However, my overall take-away Truth from my time here is the quiet, deep-rooted, confident knowledge that the Father is always victorious. In fact, He’s already claimed victory here in Hong Kong. He’s already claimed victory in America.

He’s even already claimed the victory in your life too.

That Truth kept me fighting even in my weakest moments here in Hong Kong, and I hope it brings encouragement to you. Although my classroom felt like a battleground on most days, my classroom was also a Lighthouse and a safe space. Love is War (Google that song sometime- it was my mantra here in HK), but love is also so worth it.

I love living in Hong Kong, for this city will always have a special place in my heart. 💜




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