Yesterday marks the third week that I’ve been back in the United States since leaving Hong Kong. Ironically enough, I moved into my university dorm room yesterday on that three-week anniversary, and my new space is now my home-away-from-home for the next few months.

Even though I’m thrilled for the upcoming semester, I often catch myself turning back the pages of time to revisit my days in HK. Although that special chapter has sadly ended, I take comfort in knowing that the relationships I formed, the memories I made, and the lessons I learned transcend time and distance.

However, I refuse to completely shut the cover upon the chapter of life in Hong Kong. Instead, I choose to bookmark those five weeks so that I can continually revisit the lessons, remember the memories, and reconnect those relationships.

Bookmarks are used to mark an exact location worth revisiting, whether that occasion is a quote, an event, or a memory. Generally, that particular occasion is incredibly crucial to the remaining chapters and conclusion of that story.

In my case, I’m placing a bookmark in the Summer of 2017 because Hong Kong changed my life in radical ways. My weeks in Asia shifted my perspective, altered my goals, impacted my dreams, and changed my career path. To be quite honest, all these changes have made my future a little fuzzy, and I have absolutely no idea what the coming years hold. However, I do know Who holds my future, and He’s the Author of the remaining chapters of my story. That particular Truth is my compass for the uncharted territory ahead, and I’m already excited for the next adventure life sends my way.

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