Hong Kong: A Photo Gallery


Moments & memories of my time in Hong Kong are scattered throughout the photo gallery below. May these photographs show you the beauty of the people & places in this vibrant city.


I didn’t get to visit every special site my guidebook recommended; I didn’t even visit half the places that I googled online. However, I quickly discovered that the Hong Kong I wanted to remember was not the Hong Kong described in the guidebooks or the magazines. I no longer focused on the Top Ten Places I found on blog posts and travel sites; I relinquished the bucket list and agenda within hours of arriving in the spectacular city of HK. After only two days of teaching at my school, I realized that the Hong Kong I had grown to love couldn’t be found in a travel book or behind-the-scenes article, for the Hong Kong I love is the Hong Kong that I’ve attempted to share with you over the past few weeks-

My students.

I love the city of Hong Kong because I love the 13 students sitting within the four walls of my classroom. I learned how to see their city through their eyes. I saw brokenness, hard times, and struggles, but I also saw hope. My students have big dreams and big goals. They love cartoons and playing games, but they also work hard and study hard. They’re smart, intelligent, and unique. They’re funny, friendly, and full of joy.

I will always, always be proud of my students, and they will always have a friend in America who supports them and speaks to the Father about them often. These students are my friends, and I miss them more than they’ll ever know.

Abby (Miss Brewer)


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