Heaven on Earth

“Hey, Abby, you should write another blog post soon.”
This one is for you, Daddy 🙂

As we strolled around the Temple of Heaven, I found myself thanking the Father because my Savior isn’t bound to any four-walled structure. He can be praised anywhere at anytime, and I believe that is a treasure worth celebrating.

Sweat slid off of us by the buckets as we clambered off the bus and shuffled our way into the Temple of Heaven compound. For the first time all summer long, my friend and I were both fighting upset stomachs, but we refused to miss out on the day’s sightseeing adventures. As soon as we set foot past the front gate, we knew that our discomfort was worth the experience. I’ve often said that Beijing’s beauty continually defied my expectations (this city is gorgeous), and the Temple of Heaven was no exception.​ 
​We were in awe.

With only 45 minutes to explore, we hastily maneuvered our way around the compound. My friends and I could have easily spent half a day here; the grounds and the buildings captivated us. The colors dazzled our eyes; blues, reds, and yellows glistened in the sunlight shining upon the various structures and pathways scattered throughout the walled compound. People swarmed around us everywhere we strolled, each person trying to capture the perfect photo of the magnificent beauty surrounding our every step to show to friends and family back home. We tried our best to capture the jaw-dropping architecture as well, but we found it to be nearly impossible.

As we followed our maps around the compound, I found myself quietly reflecting upon the enchanting beauty surrounding me. I caught myself realizing once again that I can’t wait to see heaven one day. If this spectacular place contains so much astounding beauty, how much more will heaven contain? I cannot fathom what we will see one day. All I know is that I am abundantly thankful for this little taste of heaven… right here on earth.


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