Put it into Practice // Isaiah 1-2

If you’re struggling to decide where to begin reading in your Bible, join me in Isaiah 1-2 today! As I read these two chapters, I circled and underlined verses that jumped out at me. If I didn’t understand, I read the passage again. I have a journaling Bible, so today I journaled small thoughts and prayers as I read.

For me, verses 1:16-17, 2:5, 18, & 22 captivated my attention. I’m no Israelite, but these verses in Isaiah convicted me of my own idolatry. Look at 1:11-17; read what the Lord says. He doesn’t desire rituals; He wants our true repentance!

As I pray over this passage today, I’m going to pray over the following items:

         1.  I’m going to praise God because I can worship Him and because He forgives me.

         2. I’m going to confess my own sins of idolatry and ask Him to humble my heart.

         3. I’m going to thank God for how He is moving in the lives of me and my friends.

         4. Lastly, I’m going to ask God to speak to your heart, and I’m praying that you’ll also be humbled by the faithfulness of our God. I’m also going to ask Him to heal my voice because I can currently barely talk:) 

As I read and prayed this morning, the Lord reminded me of the song “Clear the Stage” by Jimmy Needham.

“Clear the stage and set the sound and lights ablaze
If that’s the measure you must take to crush the idols 
Jerk the pews and all the decorations, too
Until the congregation’s few then have revival”

I hope this helps you in your own journey of personal Bible study. If you have any questions, email me anytime!



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