The Golden Gate Bridge // Have Faith in the Fog


For four months I had anticipated this very moment. All of our planning and preparation for our trip to San Francisco revolved around seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. After all, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous photo of this famous landmark for their Instagram? 

Eagerly, we boarded our bus tour, excited to finally see the site we had dreamed of for so long. After 20 minutes of riding, the bus rounded the last curve and-

Nothing. Literally nothing. 

All of our dreaming & planning fell apart. Dashed were the hopes of a picture-perfect memory. The Golden Gate Bridge was covered in heavy, dense fog. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to articulate how we felt.

The bus pulled around to a viewing vista and we clambered off, thrilled to see the tips of the reddish spires appearing through the fog. We attempted to take a few photos, but it’s impossible to recreate guidebook-worthy images when you’re staring at what was SUPPOSED to be the most exciting part of your entire 30-hour trip. Instead, we stared at fog.

We headed back to the hotel, and while we bounced along in our bus the Lord reminded me of a simple Truth-

Even when we cannot see Him, He is still present.

Even though we couldn’t see the bridge, we never doubted that the bridge was there. We listened to other people talk about the bridge, and we never doubted that the bridge was still doing it’s job (connecting people from one side to the other) even though we were surrounded by fog. 

Sometimes in life I feel like God is hidden by fog. I can’t seem to find Him in the midst of my uncertainties, and I sometimes doubt that He is still working. Just like the bridge, I know that He is still present in my circumstances, but I struggle because I can’t see Him clearly. 

The next morning, my friends and I boarded our bus once again and rode out to the viewing vista once more, hoping to gain a better glimpse of the bridge before we caught our international flight to Asia. This time, we left the vista and hiked down a bike path that looped around underneath the bridge. Once we reached the bottom, we walked out on a pier and gazed up at the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, the fog was still present, but the view was incredible. 

I’ve learned that life is often foggy, but with a little bit of work and a fresh perspective, you can see your world in a whole new way. Have faith in the fog, friends.


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