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Today I’m thankful for a college pastor who can parallel park a bus, a group of friends who love ministry, and for a university located a mere three hours away from Washington DC. Last Saturday a group of leaders and coaches from my church’s college ministry boarded a bus to drive to the Museum of the Bible. We ate Chick-fil-a for breakfast, stopped at Wegmans for a buffet lunch, and ended the day on the wharf with burgers and fries from Shake Shack. We laughed, napped, and caught up on quality life conversations. We had four hours to spend touring the museum, and WOW was it amazing.

The Museum of the Bible has six floors full of state-of-the-art exhibits, shows, restaurants, and galleries. Some of the exhibits are permanent (such as the Old Testament exhibit and the exhibit built like the city of Nazareth), but the museum also houses other exhibits that are temporary. 

Our first stop was the Old Testament exhibit. This exhibit combined technology, music, and art to create an immersive, 4D tour of the Old Testament Scriptures. We parted the Red Sea, experienced the 12 plagues, and were even surrounded by the rainbow marking God’s promise to never flood the earth again. When we all exited the exhibit thirty minutes later, we were truly speechless. I’d wait in line to go through it again in a heartbeat!

One of the exhibits that strongly impacted me was a temporary exhibit showcasing 14 sculptures that depict the final moments of Jesus’ life. I will never forget walking through the gallery and examining Gib Singelton’s work while pondering the Scripture passages attributed to each sculpture. The gallery was truly exquisite; I will definitely be treasuring that experience for years to come.

As I stood in the observation area of the sixth floor towards the end of my time at the Museum of the Bible, God laid the following thought on my heart:

Why is it that some of us have unlimited, unrestricted access to the most pivotal book in all of history (the Bible) while others risk and lose their very lives every day just to clutch a single page? 

Today, while visiting DC, I was humbled to look out at my nation’s Capitol and Washington Monument from the top floor of a museum solely dedicated to sharing the history of the Bible with the world. The freedoms I take so lightly resonated within my heart in a new way today, and I’ll be treasuring my copy of God’s Word more than ever before.


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