Do It Afraid // Summer Camp in GA

I rarely went to summer camp as a kid. Camp week always managed to fall either during family vacation, an occasional hospital trip, or during band rehearsals. I wasn’t big on roughing it in the great outdoors either; I’d rather go to the pool or the library instead of the woods. I’ll take a milkshake over mosquitoes any day.

This summer, however, I’ve spent several weeks at camp. Kids camp, middle school camp, youth camp, and missions week have accounted for about a month’s worth of my summertime. I’ve fought the plague of beetles, the never-ending heat waves, and the grungy showers, and yet somehow I’ve fallen in love with summer camp.

There’s something about disconnecting from “real life” for a few days that does a person a world of good. Instead of sitting in a pristine home, I’ve been throwing color powder, shooting water guns, and leading worship services.

If I’ve learned anything from my weeks at camp, it’s to “do it afraid.” Even when it scares the mess out of you, share your story. Write that lesson. Participate in that game of manhunt even when you hate hiding in the dark. Play that instrument. Pray that prayer. Share your story again. And again. And again. Keep on keepin’ on. 

In the words of my dear friend Lani, “bravery isn’t the absence of fear. It’s still going forward despite that fear.”

Don’t stop now. Do it afraid.




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