Dare Greatly

Brené Brown gave a viral Ted Talk on vulnerability (watch it here), but the closing statement of her second Ted Talk hit me square in the gut and has stayed there for the past week (watch it here). She says, 

“And we just want, for ourselves and the people we care about and the people we work with, to dare greatly.”

To Dare Greatly.

What a phrase. What a mantra. What a goal.

Yet daring greatly seems to be a far off dream for most of us. We dream of doing big things and being important people, and we gaze upwards at the corporate ladder of success or downward at an empty sheet of paper where we’re hoping to paint our wildest dreams and make them our living realities. We all dream greatly, but do we ever dare?

Dreams and dares differ at the point of action. A dream remains in our mind, a wistful imagination of what could be or what should be, but a dream isn’t what actuality is. A dare is a challenge. It’s a rise-to-the-occasion, take-the-plunge endeavor to attempt to transform our dream into a tangible reality.

So why do we encourage everyone to dream big while never asking each other to dare?

Big things happen with little decisions. Skipping the snooze button. Reading that book. Disciplining yourself. Running that extra half mile. 

Dream big dreams and paint the canvas of your life with your wildest ideas and most daunting plans, but don’t forget to dare. Crossing big distances and achieving great dreams both require a first step. 

Dare greatly. I desire that for you.


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